I. Introduction

In upgrading instruction, teachers and students/pupils should be provided with adequate school facilities; construction of some amenities to address the needs of the learners and mural paintings to manifest the school’ mission-vision.

II. Narration of Activities

Constructions were undergone to address the needs of the learners and in pursuant to the requirements set by DepEd Region 3 personnel. Some of the constructions undergone are the following:

3-room secondary school building
Standard school flagpole
2 separate restrooms for high school students

Purchase of classroom furniture and fixtures was likewise done; the following were purchased:

arm chairs
teacher’s/office tables
classroom/office/facility doors
TLE table with chairs
TLE cabinets
Library cabinets
Canteen cabinets
Science Laboratory table with chairs
Science Laboratory cabinets
Science Laboratory stools

Repair works were also done for the convenience of students:

repair of 2 classroom restrooms
repair of windows in the Science Laboratory
finishing of walls in the second Larry MacKay building
repainting of offices and facilities

To meet the requirements of DepEd Region 3 for a standard size laboratory, a double size rooms are transferred into a Science Laboratory. The ceiling and the walling of the laboratory were painted to capture the different topics in Science teaching. The ceiling has the painting of the universe and the walling present the different subject areas in Science.

Finishing works were also done in the second Larry MacKay building. The walling of the rooms both inside and outside were finished and painted.

The rear sidewalk (external) of the second Larry MacKay building was painted with a mural depicting the school’s mission-vision and Christian education.

Land filling is still an on-going work to stabilize/fortify the area where the three-storey building for the secondary students will be erected.

III. Conclusion

Much has been constructed, renovated, and purchased, all for the benefits of the school population; however, these are not the completion of what the school has to offer to the students/pupils and to the community.

Marching through righteousness, the School Director’s mission to give true Christian education keeps on burning.

The construction of the 3-room secondary school building does not replace the major goal and desire of the school. The said construction actually is intended to be the prayer building or chapel.

The major vision of the school is the construction of the 3-storey secondary building to include the audio-visual room, the computer laboratory, speech clinic, and the school library. The proposed construction shall be staggered depending in the finances on hand.